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It is rare to see truly original design choices in the gaming industry, but ideas come and go. If nothing seems exciting anymore, playing Neon Rocket online may be the answer. Launch a heavy spacecraft, overcome gravity, and land without taking any damage. By controlling the flight with only one button, you can master the realistic physics of the levels by using thrusters and momentum.

With the left or right mouse buttons, you can move the ship in any direction. Hold the button to keep the thrusters burning. If you collide with a wall, you will have to start over with an explosion. You can adjust the trajectory when approaching an obstacle by releasing the key and switching sides. Landing can be problematic. The ship must return to its original vertical position to accomplish the objective.

Make sure your rocket lands safely on the landing pad to complete each level. Avoid the walls and obstacles on your way to the goal so you don’t crash. If you crash, you have to start over. In this extremely difficult online game, collect all 24 stars.