Lemonade Stand

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Lemonade Stand

In Lemonade Stand, you must grow your savings as much as possible during a 30-day period. The game consists of 15 rounds.

During each turn, you must buy supplies to make lemonade. Check the weather forecast to estimate how many people will visit your lemonade stand.

The next step is to choose the price for each cup of lemonade. In nicer weather, you can charge more, whereas in bad weather, you should charge less.

Your Daily Sales report will tell you how much lemonade you’ve actually sold throughout the round.

Strategy for Success

Your daily plans involve the weather. The nicer the weather, the more money you can charge for your lemonade, and the more people you can expect to visit your lemonade stand. But be careful! The weather sometimes turns out differently than predicted.

Lemonade sales may suffer if you run out, or if your prices are too high.

Customer satisfaction is hard to regain once lost, but if you keep a good supply on hand and keep your prices reasonable, more customers will visit your lemonade stand.