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Galaxian is a classic arcade game first released in 1979. It is a fixed shooter game and the first of its kind to feature colorful, multi-colored enemies. The player is given the task of destroying a group of aliens, which fly in formation across the top of the screen. The player controls a spacecraft which can move left and right along the bottom of the screen and fire laser shots at the aliens. As the player shoots the aliens, they break apart into two small pieces before disappearing. The player must be careful to avoid the aliens’ shots and bombs. As the player progresses, the aliens become more aggressive and harder to destroy.

The player is awarded points based on how many aliens are destroyed and bonus points for destroying entire formations. The game has two levels, with the second level featuring faster and more aggressive enemies. The game also includes bonus rounds in which the player can get bonus items such as extra ships or extra lives.

Galaxian is one of the most iconic and influential arcade games of the golden age of video games. It was followed by the successful sequel Galaga in 1981.